Dermal fillers and anti wrinkle injections

Lip enhancements are offered from $349.00 per treatment.

Discuss your options with our treating doctor – consultations are free.

For a limited time, receive a complimentary Deluxe Dermabrasion treatment and an LED Light treatment valued at $135 with your filler treatment.

Laser Skin Centre offers the very latest volumising cosmetic injections – dermal fillers. We use the latest techniques to keep our clients looking youthful, refreshed and confident.

We believe in a ‘less is more’ approach to refresh and enhance your features.

Volumising cosmetic injections – dermal fillers

Many factors can result in volume loss including general ageing, where one’s ability to produce collagen starts to diminish.

Dermal fillers are a great option to restore volume, especially when seeking a lift in facial features.

Dermal fillers are used for a variety of treatments from lip rejuvenation to volume restoration.They can be injected almost anywhere in the face such as cheeks, jowls temples and under the eyes to help fill in facial folds, restoring a smoother appearance.

Some fillers are thicker and longer lasting than others (more suitable for cheeks). Thinner fillers tend to be used for lips, smoker’s lines and fine lines.

See our gallery for before and after images.

Anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-wrinkle injections are temporary  muscle relaxants which  help to refresh and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They give you that instant wow factor if you’re looking for a quick pick me up.

The most commonly requested areas are frown lines, crows feet and the forehead.These injections take around 3-10 days to take full effect, with results for around three months.


There are many options available, as each individual is different and may require a different dose.

We offer a complimentary consultation to cover all your questions prior to treatment. This ensures you are well educated before making a decision regarding your cosmetic enhancement.

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