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Laser Skin Centre is a privately owned, boutique business located in the heart of Varsity Lakes, CBD.

Established in January 2016, our small but highly trained team of cosmetic physicians, nurses and dermal therapists are here to ensure that all your skin and body concerns are met in a safe, professional environment.

Book Your Consultation Safe And Affordable Skin Rejuvenation

Our expert technicians will examine your skin and provide tailored solutions.

Laser skin centre TREATMENTS

We offer a broad range of specialised skin treatments using advanced technology. All our procedures are administered by certified therapists and provide our clients with outstanding results

Take Advantage of The Groundbreaking Pico Toning Technology Get rid of acne scarring, fine lines and unwanted pigmentation. Watch the video for more info.

What Our Clients Say About Us? Client Testimonials

We have an extensive base of happy clients who have benefitted from our services. Let's take a look at what they have to say about our treatments.

“I visit the Laser Skin Centre often for facials and have been getting so many compliments for my smooth and beautiful appearance. They have a professional and experienced team which makes all the difference.”

Karen Terrell

“I had lived with acne for almost 10 years until I found help from Laser Skin Centre. I knew I was in good hands from the moment I arrived here. Thanks for bringing back my old look.”

Erica Ivin

“I had visited the Laser Skin Centre for hair removal and it was the best experience. They have a friendly and welcoming staff and a hygienic centre which made me absolutely comfortable.”

Vanessa Gleeson
Cosmetic Treatments Bring Back That Healthy Glow To Your Skin

Whether you are struggling with acne, stretch marks or cellulite, we have effective treatments that provide desirable results.

laser skin centre PRICING GUIDE

The pricing guide provided below is for reference purposes. The actual cost may differ on the basis of individual needs. To get an accurate quote, please book a consultation with one of our skin experts.

Price Img
our best performance FACIALS price
  • Treatment
  • Duration
  • Price
  • Dermablading Facial ( Includes Peels)
  • -
  • $99
  • Deluxe Microdermabrasion
  • 40 Mins
  • $90.00
  • Express Microdermabrasion
  • 30 Mins
  • $45.00
  • O Cosmedic Advanced Clinical Peels
  • -
  • $90.00
  • Jessner, TCA, Lactic or Glycolic Chemical Peel
  • -
  • $90.00
  • LED light therapy
  • per session
  • $69.00
  • LED add on post treatment
  • -
  • $45.00
  • Lash Lift and Tint
  • 50 Mins
  • $75.00
Skin Treatment Look Your Best With The Perfect Skin!

Make your dream of glowing skin come true with our wide range of skin treatments.

laser skin centre Latest News

Stay updated with all the news and developments in the field of laser skin treatment. Our experts publish frequent blogs, busting myths and educating people about the transforming effects of laser technology. Keep checking the space below for the latest posts.

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Burning Topic: Is It Bad to Exfoliate Every Day?
Burning Topic: Is It Bad to Exfoliate Every Day?
  • 27 Nov 2019
  • Alessandra Militello

A burning question for most of our clients; can I and should I exfoliate every day? A short answer, no – you shouldn’t exfoliate every day. Exfoliation can be tricky because if you exfoliate too much you are striping away…

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