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Burning Topic: Is It Bad to Exfoliate Every Day?

A burning question for most of our clients; can I and should I exfoliate every day? A short answer, no – you shouldn’t exfoliate every day. Exfoliation can be tricky because if you exfoliate too much you are striping away the essential barrier of your skin – which in return makes your skin unhealthy and unhappy!

But, if you don’t exfoliate enough, you leave the top layer of your skin with dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and pollution – which is also unhealthy! So, compromise is our favorite word when dealing with exfoliation.

First and fore most – the outermost layer of our skin is a layer of skin cells encased in fat. These cells help keep moisture trapped in our skin and also help rid irritants of all kinds away – bacteria, toxic chemicals, and free radicals. If this barrier is compromised your skin becomes more prone to irritation, breakouts, and dryness – all the things we don’t want!

When exfoliating, start with moderation – meaning, start slow and see what your skin can handle. If you have sensitive skin, we suggest trying once every third night. If your skin becomes irritated, you’ll know you will only need to exfoliate once a week. If your skin reacts fine to it, try every second night – or morning, whichever you prefer.

If your skin reacts fine to that, try every other night. But beware, we all have limits. Example being, I have skin of steel and only exfoliate every second night! Everyone’s skin is different and can handle different things – so remember to go with how your skin feels, not what everyone else is doing. Remember, that more isn’t always better -it’s about finding your balance and what works for you and your skin.

Lastly, remember that exfoliation is healthy and needed for our skin! It creates healthy skin-cell turnover, which then improves our barrier function – we loveeee this!

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