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How To Choose The Right Moisturizer For Your Face

Picking the right moisturizer for your face is essential to your skin care regime because it can make or break – you out, literally. If a moisturizer is too heavy, it can cause blackheads and breakouts. If a moisturizer is too light, you may feel extremely dry and tight.

If a moisturizer has too many active ingredients in it, it may cause you to break out as well. All-in-all, it is so important to pick the right moisturizer for you and your skin type. Since we know how important it is, we’ve created a list so you can find the right one for your induvial skin type.

I’m sure you know by now that, here at Laser Skin Centre, we carry O Cosmedics! We recommend these moisturizers to every client that wants to buy products, because they are that essential in your regime.

COMFORT CREAM: If your skin is dry and delicate, your skin will love this creamy, comforting moisturizer. It’s total TLC in a jar. It is packed with precious oils, super antioxidants, and of course V8 Peptide Complex.

If you’re unsure what that is – it is O’s holy grail! V8 Peptide is packed with hydrators that will not only heal, protect, hydrate, and repair, but also battle against UV stress and signs of aging.

IMMORTAL CREAM: Are you pro anti-aging anything!? This moisturizer is the second most popular moisturizer we sell here at Laser Skin Centre. We recommend it to clients with pigmentation concerns as well as anti-aging. It is full of potent concentrations of V8 Peptide making this anti-aging cream top of the line. It’s enriched with tons of Vitamin C as it works to awaken and hydrate the skin – all while assisting to relax the muscles and help reverse the signs of aging. You feel an instant lift after using this moisturizer!

REBALANCING CREAM: If you suffer from acne prone skin and/or oily skin, Rebalancing Cream is perfect for you. This light-weight moisturizer is a unique blend of ingredients that are specifically designed for problematic skin – music to our ears! It targets excessive bacteria and the build up on the skin’s surface.

The moisturizer aids in improving the condition of the skin as well as rebalancing and refreshing. We recommend this moisturizer to every client that suffers from acne or has problematic skin. This is also a favorite for the men who come into clinic!

RECOVERY CREAM: We saved the best for last! Do you get treatments done? Frequently? This being our best-selling moisturizer, as we recommend this to clients after they’ve had an invasive treatment done and also the ones who want hydration, protection, and comfort!

It is specifically formulated to support the skin’s repair mechanism that helps restore the protective barrier and dramatically reduces any inflammation. It is comforting and has anti-aging properties in it. It is said to give you a “volumizing effect without surgery” and complete skin radiance. Can you see why it’s the favorite of the group?!

All four moisturizers are amazing and have the right qualities that you need for your skin type. You just have to pick the right one! We hope this helped you get a better idea with what moisturizer you should be getting.

The Team xx

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