New laser treatments for vascular, anti-ageing and melasma

We are very excited in the clinic this week as we launch our new laser services! Because you asked for them, we’re thrilled to announce that we now offer the following new services:

Laser Genesis 

Laser Genesis skin therapy promotes vibrant and healthy skin in both men and women. This advanced laser treatment effectively addresses the signs of ageing, as well as acne scarring and skin discolouration. 

Laser Genesis treats acne scars
Acne scarring before and after

Laser Genesis is used to treat:

  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • large pores
  • uneven skin texture
  • diffuse redness and scars (including acne scars).

This painless treatments yields subtle yet consistent improvements after each treatment, without unwanted side effects such as bruising or excessive skin irritation. To find out more about this treatment visit our Laser Genesis page or contact us to book a complimentary consultation.

Vascular Skin Concerns

Facial veins, redness and leg veins are a problem no more! 

Leg veins after treatment Laser Skin Centre
Leg veins after treatment

Our new Excel V laser effectively treats:

  • rosacea
  • broken blood vessels and capillaries
  • leg veins
  • spider veins
  • cherry angiomas
  • benign pigmented lesions such as sun spots

This laser treatment is not limited to a particular skin colour and we can treat in clinic with little or no downtime. To find out more about this treatment visit our Vascular Skin Concerns page or contact us to book a complimentary consultation.


Melasma is a common skin concern for many women in Australia. Sometimes called ‘age spots’ these are brown to gray-brown discoloured patches on the face and other parts of the body including hands and forearms. 

These discolourations can now be treated safely and painlessly with laser! See our Melasma page for more information or contact us to book a complimentary consultation.


See our Pricing page for a guide to each of these new treatments and keep an eye out for introductory special offers on Facebook and Instagram!