Picosecond vs Fraxel Laser

When it comes to lasers there are many misconceptions, regarding what lasers are designed for and determining the best for skin rejuvenation.

Two very popular forms of laser rejuvenation that have revolutionised the world are Picosecond lasers and Fraxel lasers.
Picosure Laser Treatment

Picosecond lasers such as our very own Picosure laser was the very first FDA cleared Picosecond on the market that is non-comparable to previously used q-switched lasers. The technology behind the Picosure laser revolutionised the laser world for its ability to have a shortened pulse duration.

This allows us to treat all skin ethnics without the unwanted side effects of post inflammatory hypo or hyperpigmentation and scarring while resolving many skin conditions such as acne scarring, pigmentation, skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal with extremely minimal downtime!

Picosure lasers have gone the next step ahead by adding a focus lens array to the system. Studies have indicated that Picosecond energy, delivers a highly concentrated beam that redistributes in a such a way that allows multiple passes for clinical effect while using Picosure pressure soundwave technology for dermal remodelling. The fractionated beam created by the focus lens array creates the same effect of the Fraxel ablative laser without the hassle of 3-10 days downtime.

When it comes to Fraxel laser, it uses fractional photothermolysis with a CO2 ablative laser to resurface the epidermis and creates columns of thermal heat to stimulate neo collagensis. This will also improve many skin conditions but with added downtime of crusting, flaking, track marks, general redness and swelling present that can last several days or weeks.

The great benefit with picosecond lasers is no downtime and general duties can be continued the next day with makeup.

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