What are the signs of healthy ageing?

The first signs

The first signs of healthy ageing starts with fine lines across the brow, in the frown area, and smile lines around the eyes.  Our brows start to droop and we lose definition in our cheeks, naso labial folds (around the nose area) and the chin!

We also start to see a thinning of the lips and neck bands appear

Last but not least we see an increase in submental fat ( under the chin).

What accelerates skin ageing?

Extrinsic (coming from the outside) age related skin concerns typically include sun spots, solar letingos (patches of dark skin) and severe elsatosis (yellowing and thickening) and sagging of the skin.

Too many unprotected Gold Coast summers can result in a leathery, actinic bronzed look. Too much unprotected sun exposure can also lead to skin cancers so be sure to have your skin checked at a 12 monthly minimum.

Life style factors of course such as stress , smoking and alcohol intake can also be an underlying factor for poor skin health. These also lead to dyspigmentation (changes to the colour of the skin), premature wrinkling and telangiectasia (red vascularity/discolouration) of the skin.

What can people do to naturally reduce the signs of ageing skin?

If you want to age gracefully and naturally without the help of a scalpel:

  • wear protective clothing and a hat, and
  • sunscreen with a minimum broad spectrum of 30+ and reapply it every two hours when out and about!

I have a sunscreen next to my toothbrush, in the car door and in the gym bag.  It’s just about being aware and understanding the damage of harsh UV rays. I think when you are educated about subjects like this you will do anything to delay the signs!

By introducing an omega 3 supplement such as a fish oil (plant based options are available for vegans) will help to promote healthy fats and hydration internally, water intake must be adequate and limit dehydrators such as coffee and alcohol intake.

Stress also plays a vital role in our skin health, so ensure you take time out to your self wether this is a short walk, time in a park ( in the shade of course) or cuddling your fur baby for 20 minutes without distractions.

What are some anti-ageing treatments and cosmetic procedures you’d recommend?

There are many anti-ageing treatments available these days and here at Laser Skin Centre we offer a wide array of services. These include:

Recently we introduced womens health services. The WOW shot which provides confidence in women who have suffered urinary leakage, post pregnancy vaginal hypertrophy or for the women who wish to enhance their sexual experiences.

What anti-ageing treatments/cosmetic procedures are popular among ageing men?

Our male clients are big fans of anti wrinkle injections. They also love Radio Frequency micro needling for those stretch marks created in the gym!

What are some important considerations for people thinking about getting an anti-ageing treatment or cosmetic procedure?

I truly believe in being comfortable at your consultation. Ensuring all your questions have been answered in the most ethical way possible with a true treatment plan tailored to your needs.

The reason we offer free consultations with our medical practitioners is because we believe in building trust with our clients and encouraging them make informed decisions within a safe and professional environment.

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