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The Tattoo Removal Journey

At Laser Skin Centre, we’re committed to making sure your tattoo removal is safe and effective – with no scarring. We use the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology, the PicoSure laser.

Unfortunately, tattoos can’t be removed in a single session. Most tattoos need multiple treatments to fully clear all ink colours. A typical tattoo removal course of treatment can range anywhere from 4-12 sessions at 6, 8 or 10 weeks of recovery time between them.

The first step on your tattoo removal journey

Whether you want your tattoo removed completely or you’re looking to remove parts or certain colours for a cover up tattoo, the first step is to book a consultation with our treating nurses.

During your consultation we assess your tattoo and discuss with you your desired results, treatment options and, very importantly, pre and post treatment care of your tattoo site.

Lifestyle changes for the tattoo removal process

When you’re ready to start your tattoo removal process there are a few lifestyle changes that we ask for:

  • No sun exposure in the area for four weeks prior to treatment
  • Application of fake tan in last two weeks needs to be removed completely in the area being treated
  • Some medications must be stopped (we’ll discuss this with you at your consultation)
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding mean that the treatment can’t go ahead until baby is weaned.

Once photos have been taken and you’ve signed your consent forms, you’re good to go!

The tattoo removal procedure

During the procedure we use a Zimmer machine which blows -32 degrees Celsius air on the area to reduce pain and ensure your comfort during and after the laser treatment.

Our technician will perform a test patch before commencing and ask your pain score on a level of 1-10 (1 is very comfortable and 10 is extremely painful). Most clients sit at a 3-7 during the treatment.

The laser treatment itself can take 2-30 minutes depending on the size, colours and intricacy of the tattoo.

Once your treatment is done, the area be red and slightly swollen. In some cases pin-point bleeding can occur and ‘frosting’ will always be present.

We then apply a soothing ointment along with a bandage and go over your post-treatment dos and don’ts with you one more time so that you’re clear on how to look after your tattoo.

Before you leave the clinic we’ll book you in for your next session in six to eight weeks time.

What to do after your laser tattoo removal treatment

The two main things to remember immediately after your tattoo removal treatment and for the following 48 hours are:

  • No sun exposure
  • No exercise

Another very important thing to remember is not to P I C K at the area as this will cause scarring!

What the tattoo area is like after a tattoo removal treatment

The redness and swelling that you experience during and immediately after the laser treatment will go away by itself in  48-72 hours. Blisters, if they appear, can last roughly a week.

Popping the blisters before they are ready can lead to bacterial infection, longer than normal healing times and, in the worst case, scarring.

Blisters will generally pop on their own while your asleep or in the shower.

In between tattoo removal treatments it is absolutely necessary that sunscreen, SPF 50+, covers the tattoo at all time (after the initial 4 days post laser). Applying sunscreen religiously will help you to avoid problems such as unwanted pigmentation on the tattoo.

Tips to enhance tattoo removal clearance

Following the advice you’re given by our qualified medical team at the time of your treatment is crucial to the successful removal of your tattoo, but there are a few extra things you can do to help the process along. These are:

  • Increase water intake
  • Increase exercise
  • No sun exposure
  • Reduce alcohol
  • Cease smoking
  • Use a cosmeceutical serum such as our O Cosmedic EGF/Repair/B3 serum to stimulate stem cells and promote wound healing.


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