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Free cancer tattoo removal

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PicoSure uses the latest Picosecond laser to effectively remove tattoos from all body areas.

It has never been easier and quicker to remove unwanted tattoos. Tattoo removal technology has truly come a long way. A significant amount of research and development has led to the launch of PicoSure, the most talked about laser in the cosmetic industry.


Patients that go through radiation to treat cancer are often left with skin markings that are permanent. These are often referred to as radiation skin markings or radiation tattoos. They are dots or lines that are left on the skin to ensure effective radiation treatment in the right area of the body. This also stops damage to healthy tissue.

After cancer treatment, patients are left with these skin markings. Normally, radiation tattoos are blue or black in colour. This can make them stand out and it can even be a painful reminder for patients of what they have been through. At Laser Skin Centre, we offer men and women free laser sessions when they have been through radiation treatment for cancer. We use the PicoSure laser to effectively remove radiation tattoos from the body.

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Radiation Marks Removal

Your new beginning in life should not be affected by marks. Our skin clinic in Varsity Lakes CBD offers free radiation marks removal for cancer survivors, which makes it easy to get back to your normal life. It can be administered on all types of cancer survivors. PicoSure allows an impeccable elimination of the radiation marks so that you are not reminded of the painful past and can start afresh. You can fall in love with your body once again after the procedure, which will not be charged by the clinic. It is the best way to recover emotionally from the ailment that must have drained you physically and financially. So consult our therapists today to get your skin examined and understand the scope of your therapy.

Cancer Survivors Are The Real Heros

While a lot of patients wish to hold on to their radiation marks as a sign for their victory in their battle against the dreadful disease, there are many others who need a psychological boost to come back into the mainstream. At Laser Skin Centre, we decided to do our small bit by providing free radiation mark removals program for cancer survivors, who are still coping with the emotional upheaval of the ailment. Radiation tattoo removal is conducted after studying your complete medical history and treatment and consulting the oncologist you had been visiting previously. It is completely safe and pain is minimal. If you want to know more about radiation tattoo removal, then get in touch with us today.

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PicoSure laser technology uses short pulses to destroy the ink from the radiation tattoos. They are broken down into small particles, which allows the body to absorb them and then get rid of them. In particular, this is an effective treatment for black and blue inks, which traditional methods can struggle to break down.

This is better than nanosecond technology. The pulse width is 100 times shorter than nanosecond technology. This means better clearance and patients require fewer treatment sessions. This technology can fade your tattoo by up to 95 percent. The results vary from person to person, but it is usually successful on radiation tattoos.

Some patients can find radiation tattoo removal uncomfortable. But at Laser Skin Centre your comfort is our priority and that is why we use a cooling device. This can help you to feel more relaxed during the procedure. The sensation has been described as feeling like someone is flicking a rubber band onto the skin. However, at no point does the PicoSure laser touch the skin and treatment sessions are short.

The area that has been treated by the PicoSure laser can appear red. The skin may also swell after the procedure. This should not alarm patients and it will subside in the coming days after the treatment. Another common after effect is skin blistering. It is always recommended to follow the after care that is explained to you by a professional to avoid any complications. The skin can also appear lighter after treatment. This will not be a permanent effect and it is normal to experience this hypopigmentation at first.

There is minimal downtime expected after radiation tattoo removal with PicoSure laser technology. Some activities should be avoided for a few days after treatment to ensure the best results. There will also be a recovery period between treatment sessions. If the skin that has been treated is exposed to the sun, it is recommended to wear sunscreen, as this area will be sensitive. This should be done for at least four weeks.

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