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Hair Removal

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If you want minimal maintenance and a smooth hair free body then book in now!

We are using the Cutera Excel V which is safe on all skin types!

Our Laser Hair Removal Treatments are fast, effective and affordable!

We treat all areas of the face and body and recommend starting with a package of 8 sessions. Discounted packages available of course!

Multiple sessions are needed as we can only treat hair once in the Anagen stage

Laser Hair Removal works by directing concentrated amplified light into the hair follicle, inhibiting the hair’s ability to grow without disrupting or damaging the skin’s surface.

Book in now for a consultation – the consult fee of $49 is redeemable on your first treatment!

Silky Smooth Skin Opt For Laser Hair Removal And Enjoy Long Term Results

Get rid of shaving and waxing with permanent hair reduction offered at Laser Skin Centre.

Expert Dermal Clinicians At Your Service

More and more people are utilising laser hair removal for its fast and effective results. If you are tired of frequent shaving and waxing and the coarse hair growth, it is time to leverage the latest advancements in technology. Laser hair removal allows you to enjoy a longer hair free time which can be extended with annual touch ups. The Cutera Excel V laser treatment starts showing results after the first two sessions and has zero downtime. After this treatment, you do not have to go back to the painful waxing and daily shaving regimen. The laser has a cooling mechanism which takes away all the feelings of discomfort generated by the heat delivered from the laser. It works by destroying the hair follicles which reduce the growth. The session lasts up to 30 minutes and depends on the area that is being covered.

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Effectiveness Of Laser Hair Removal

Cutera Excel V laser treatment is highly advanced laser hair removal procedure which is applicable on all skin types and tones. It has even proven beneficial with darker complexions. With the demand for hair removal procedures growing among both men and women, laser hair removal has emerged as a safe and foolproof method to get rid of the hair for a long time. It is much more convenient than waxing and shaving and is affordably priced at our Varsity Lakes CBD laser skin clinic. The non-invasive method is useful for all body parts including underarms, arms, legs, face, abdomen and back. It is the best way to cover large areas. The treatment can be completed in 4 to 6 sessions. However, clients with lighter hair need more sessions.

Safety In All Aesthetic Procedures

Many people who come to our clinic are sceptical about laser treatment on their face. However, Cutera Excel V laser hair removal treatment is the safest choice for the procedure. It does not cause any side effects or pain and offers desirable results within weeks. The only sensation felt during the procedure is a slight stinging and people with sensitive skin can opt for a topical anaesthetic. The duration depends on a lot of factors such as the thickness of the hair and the area to be covered. Since the hair growth phase of different hair strands varies, their regression also alters. Some people might feel redness and a bit of swelling immediately after the session but it goes away within 48 hours. Proper before and after care ensures that you get smooth skin as soon as possible.

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Hair Free Skin Forever

Flaunt Your Velvety Skin Without Worrying About
The Body Hair

Laser Skin centre has helped several clients to remove body hair safely. Contact our clinicians now for a consultation.

It takes around 3 to 6 sessions which are spread over a few months as different hair strands are in a different growth phase. It also depends on the area to be covered for the treatment.

Traditionally, it was challenging to remove dark hair from dark skin or light hair from light skin as the laser was not able to identify the follicles. However, Cutera Excel V laser hair removal treatment works best on all skin types and hair colours.

No, it only causes a slight throbbing which can be easily endured by anyone. People who are sensitive to any kind of sensation can opt for a topical anaesthetic.

Laser hair removal helps in destroying the hair follicles which stop hair growth. However, some hair does grow back after a while, but this can be managed through annual touch-ups in consultation with your clinician.

You can resume your normal routine after the session but must avoid sun exposure and sweating too much. The rest of the instructions will be provided by the clinician depending on your case.

The common side effect is some redness and a little inflammation which will settle in a few hours. In some rare cases, when the technician is not experienced, it can lead to bumps or blistering. In such a situation, you must immediately consult your technician.

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