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Stretch marks

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We offer multiple treatment options using the latest technologies available in the cosmetic industry for stretch mark removal starting from just $199.00.

Stretch marks (“striae”) are caused by rapid stretching of the skin. Commonly seen after pregnancy, rapid weight gain or loss, or rapid growth during adolescence, stretch marks initially present as red or purple marks.

Stretch marks are, in fact, scars caused by over-stretching of the elastic middle layer of the skin known as the dermis. Over time these reddish stretch marks fade to leave silver or white streaks which may also feel rippled to touch.

Multiple treatments are required and are recommended at four weekly intervals. A thorough consultation with our treating nurse costs $49, which is redeemable on your first treatment.

Stretch Marks Signs and Symptoms

Stretch marks are not a pretty sight and can make you stay covered all the time, even when hitting the beach. They can appear in various body parts including the stomach, thighs, upper arms, buttocks, lower back, breasts, etc. The size and the colour of the scars can vary from person to person. Topical moisturises are not quite effective in this regard as it is a condition affecting the dermis and the superficial application of ointments does not fade the marks. There are various affordable aesthetic medical treatments such as dermabrasion and laser that can renew the skin and allow you to wear whatever you want.

Most of the cases that come to us are for striae gravidarum, also known as pregnancy stretch marks which affect almost 90% of pregnant women. These are a result of the abdominal skin trying to fit the growing uterus. Another common cause of stretch marks is quick weight gain or fast growth of the body during the teen years.

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Stretch Marks Removal For Flawless Skin

Whether you have red, pink, purple or white stretch marks and have had them for several years or developed them recently after the birth of your child, Laser Skin Centre has a remedial treatment for all. We have an expert team of therapists who utilise the most cutting-edge technology to provide you with unbelievable results. With our procedures, the marks start fading and their appearance becomes less visible. Our therapists offer a personalised program that is designed after understanding your skin’s condition and sensitivity.

The treatment is beneficial for both men and women as boys also get them when their body is expanding at a fast pace during puberty. To avoid stretch marks which appear due to living a sedentary lifestyle and gaining weight rapidly, you must exercise and stay in shape. However, if they have already appeared, then you can visit us for help.

Treatments That Work

Laser Skin Centre provides a variety of treatments for the safe and effective removal of stretch marks. All the procedures are recommended by experts after studying your case history and taking a good look at the marks. Our experienced staff members have successfully helped several clients get rid of the problem with the most satisfying results. Our treatments help in stimulating the fibroblast cells in the skin which produce more collagen and elastin that help in fading the marks. All the safety precautions are obliged during the procedures and there is minimal pain and discomfort. In most cases, there is no downtime, so the patient can get back to work or his daily routine after the session quite easily. The number of sessions will depend on the extent of the marks on the various body parts. You can consult our therapists today to get your case examined.

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Yes, the laser is a safe and effective way of removing stretch marks. It stimulates the production of collagen in the skin which starts fading the marks with each subsequent session.

The laser delivers pulses of light on the damaged tissue which breaks it down and allows the generation of new tissue which is healthy and toned.

No, there are no side-effects. Some people might exhibit redness and inflammation post the treatment, but it goes away within a few hours.

Typically, stretch marks removal needs 6 to 8 sessions. However, it also depends on the size of the marks and the areas where they are present. In addition, puberty stretch marks which have been present for several years can take more time than recent pregnancy marks.

The results are visible after the first two sessions which means that after 6-8 weeks you can witness fading of the stretch marks and the appearance of more toned skin.

Usually, the sessions are 3-6 weeks apart.

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